Monday, November 17, 2008

Gracie Mae

You are SUCH a BEAUTIFUL baby Gracie Mae! I know I always say I am excited to share pictures and that's because I am. I always look forward to sharing a few photos from the sessions and I try as fast as I can to get a few posted. I have the toughest time picking which ones to share. But I have to tell you Gracie Mae is one of my favorites!!! She reminds me of a little porcelin doll, all of her beautiful dark hair. And boy did I have the best time capturing her! I was really looking forward to this session with her as she is at my favorite age for capturing babies, she is 6 months now and I have had the distinct pleasure of capturing her every step of the way! This will beour last session until she turns 1 so I made sure we got a little bit of everything. I think she is already used to all of the photos because I have to tell you there was not a bad photo in the bunch! I hope you like these as much as I do I can't wait to get through them all! Thank you momma and daddy for bringing this beautiful bundle of joy once again!!

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~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Hey! I absolutely LOVE the photos of her in the teacup! Anne Geddes comes to mind......beautiful job! :0)