Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Beginning Of A New Year!!!

Almost Happy New Year everyone! I thought I should try and do a little catching up today. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday's are coming to an end an so is 2008. I Hope you all had a most joyous and wonderful Christmas! Our Christmas was truly blessed, our family and loved ones where able to come together and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I have a few photos to share from our holiday (below). As we look forward to a new year I must once again thank all of you for your love and support of Special Moments Photography this last year it was truly a delightful year filled with so many amazing and beautiful couples, families, seniors, special events and new babies. I look forward to a new year in 2009 and capturing all of your special moments. I will be posting a new package every month this year with a special incentive included. So be sure and check in here on the blog to see what's new! I am really excited for spring and the beauty it brings, I love natural light, the green and delight it brings to a photo! I must let the bride and grooms know that we are booking up quickly for weddings, I take such great pride in capturing each and every wedding, thus only having the ability to book a wedding about every 4-6 weeks. So if you are interested call right away! And for all of those juniors out there who are looking for senior photos call today and lets get you in the books, the time will fill up fast!
With that being said, the first package available in January 2009 includes the following!
PACKAGE for January 2009:
Any senior to call in the month of January to book there senior session will receive the following along with the package
Original package:
$425.00($600.00 value)This package includes one on one time with the photographer both in studio and outside of the studio (3 separate outdoor locations of your choice)
4 changes of clothes (your choice)
30-50 proofs
1- photo album with all 4x5 final proofs in color
on-line viewing
1-sheet of wallets
1- 8x10
1- 16x20
1- 5x5 (20 page, 22 images) coffee table book your choice of photos inside, free with a minimum $150.00 print order.
Prints are free with a minimum $100.00 print order purchase
This session takes approximately 2-3 hours
*package must be paid in full at the time of photo session or you can break it down into 2 payments if you would like to pay ahead of time*
*On-line viewing will be available for 6 weeks once you have been given your password then they will be removed*
Call in the month of January to book and you will receive an additional
4-sheets of wallets
1- 8x10
with a minimum $100.00 print order purchase
That's an additional $33.00 in prints for FREE!!!
The Beautiful Chadwick family christmas tree at my mom and dad's
My handsome nephew Trevor, Beautiful and adorable McKenzie and my handsome son Dakota. I took several photos of the grandchildren as a gift for my parents as they celebrated there 39th wedding anniversary on December 20th, all of us got them a BEAUTIFUL 20x24 gallery wrap to hang in there home.
Dakota, he got an ipod for Christmas, I just love the expression on his face. He was so excited!

And McKenzie, her idol "Buzz Lightyear" I have never seen a child so young love a toy more than she loves him!

This is my amazing and loving father Forrest.

And my sister Coy and her son Trevor, you know the best thing I love about what I do is seeing the tears of joy my work brings to people, that's what I strive to accomplish. In October I was able to capture Trevor and I had a coffee table photo book made for Coy for Christmas.
And last but not least McKenzie on her John Deer tractor that Santa brought for her, can't wait till it warms up so she can ride it more!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you having a tough time trying to figure out what to get your brother or sisters family? Maybe they are expecting a new baby? Or it's been years since they have had a family photo. Well Special Moments Photography has the answer for you, and it's easy! You can cover the whole family! For only $125.00 you can purchase a gift certificate for a photo session, the certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Call today for yours!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweet Kynzie Bell

I have been so MIA lately, and it's because I have been so busy taking care of all of my amazing and wonderful clients. So I will be catching up on the blog this week to get everyone up to date.
This little one was simply precious and the sweetest new born, I have been so excited to share her. She let me put her in every position and not one little tear. Just a sweetheart. I was so blessed to capture her, I captured her momma and daddy at their wedding back in July and now we have this little beauty. And I was really lucky to be able to capture her as they live in Louisiana and came home for Thanksgiving and I was given this priceless moment to capture. Thank you so much for coming back to Special Moments Potography, it means the world to me to follow families as they grow! Sorry it has taken me so long to get you a sneak-peek! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


With Christmas just around the corner, I have to say time has run out to gaurantee photos by Christmas. Which means there are no more photo sessions available before Christmas to gaurantee your photos will be done in time. If you have received your password to view your photos PLEASE, be sure to place your order by December 14th!!! If you are wanting them before Christmas. Don't forget Special Moments Photography offers Christmas cards, call for more details. Have a great holiday season everyone and thank you for another memorable and thankful year!!
Also I will be out of town Thursday December 4th and will be returning on Sunday December 7th and will be around my phone if you have any questions, but I will be away from the office and will not be able to place any print orders.