Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking Chance....A True Life Story

Today I am sharing with all of you something truly special. I am going to add a link here to my sister-in-laws beautiful blog. Not only she is sooo...talented and makes the most beautiful dolls but she is much better at explaining such a powerful and moving story of a soldier from Dubois, Wy. Chance Phelps. It is a movie made for HBO based on a true story of Lt. Col. Mike Strobel (played by Kevin Bacon) who volunteered to escort this brave soldier Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps back home to Dubois. I want to share this story with all of you so that if you have the opportunity to watch this movie, please do. It will pull at your heart strings! Please visit my sister-in-laws website (Star Spangled Pretties) to read a little more. This story is so very close to my husbands side of the family and believe me when I say this is one moving and compelling story!! Below are a few photos from the movie.

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